5 Great Hybrid Bikes Under $1000

Pure Fix Fixed Gear Original Fixie Bike

According to the Sports Gear Blog, $1000 is a decent budget to score a high-performance hybrid commuter bike. The Pure Fix, at around $400, costs a lot less than the other bikes featured in this list – but still makes it to the top because of the joy, value, and quality it offers for its price range.

The bike features front brakes only, which can be eliminated to decrease the weight of the bike if you like. It is a hybrid which can both be utilized as single speed or fixed gear bike as it has the “flip flop” wheels.

pure cycles india black bars side

Pure Fix comes with premium quality Kenda tires and tubes offering optimum durability and comfort. Furthermore, it has snug Oury grips as well as a long-lasting KMC chain.

Along with this Pure Fix, you will get a steel straight fork and VDrome saddle. The pedals, on the other hand, are genuine and include WTB thick 700cc wheels. It is a bike designed for any “track-out” there. However, it will ride smoothly, and frames are enough strong to offer you a long time service.

 Good brake
 Solid steel frame
 Quite comfortable geometry
 It is available in several colors

× Has no backside brake

Note: See fixed gear bikes in our store.

Tommaso Imola R2000 Road Bike

Although this bike may be somewhat costly, this particular Tomasso brand has a great reputation in terms of making amazing and original road bikes as well as this Tommaso Imola R2000 Road Bike always carries same popularity which clarifies why this is a part of our review.

Built from high-quality aircraft level aluminum material tends to make this bike lightweight and making sure that it can soak up the impact while Shimano shifters and 24-speed drive-train provide more smooth feel and versatility while you ride.

If you’re trying to find a bike which would undertake any scenario then it is just the best one as it includes a small frame as well.

Settling for the Tommaso Imola R2000 Road Bike, undoubtedly, is the way that you are able to force the way into a big league in terms of bike riding as well as aside from being supported with an extended warranty for years, the manufacturer of this road bike suggests that this bicycle is ideal for anybody with expertise in cycling.

 Looks great
 Lightweight
 Easy assembly

× The seat is somewhat uncomfortable

Montague Urban 700c Folding Road Bike

URBAN DC Folded 2 sm

This Montague Urban 700c Folding Road Bike is enough lightweight that it is easy to take this nearly anywhere. You’ll be able to pedal the whole day effortlessly, which is great if you are trying to use it for your office. It is the best way to travel to your workstation promptly and also stay in form.

Its 21 speeds on this bicycle make it simple to conquer tough hills, particularly if you reside in a town.

The bike includes the 700c standard wheels, which is not a bad option. But, if you do not like standard wheels, then you can easily change out them for some which are more fitted to the style you possess.

This bike can fold up that is wonderful if you are riding the bicycle to work daily. You can easily store this away under the desk, or even in a convenient place. This is simpler to watch your bike while you know exactly where this is. Additionally, it will save you cash on purchasing a padlock.

 Contains a rack
 It has a fold-up system
 It fits in the tight spaces as well

× It is probably not for everybody

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Road Bike For Men

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As an element of the healthy lifestyle, you are trying to start bicycling. But, for such causes, 1-speed unit that will work properly on the flat streets may not be sufficient for you.

That’s why this sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Road Bike For Men is the top one to suit your needs.

The main benefit that a many speed bike provides over one-speed bicycle is its power to alter the speeds. Just by altering the speeds, you’ll conquer various terrains easily.

This way, you’ll cover a good way for a similar time frame since the wheels tend to be spinning more rounds. Still, if you’re climbing a higher hill, get a bigger cog.

To stop, you just press the brake. However, the calipers grab firmly on the spinning wheels so as to halt instantly.

 It is durable
 Very easy to install
 It has four gear options

× Customer support is bad

Schwinn Discover 21 Speed Bike for Women and Men

Schwinn Discover 21 Speed Bike for Women and Men is best for riding around the town or discovering the nearby bike paths.

This has a compact but strong 28″ aluminum frame with suspension fork which absorbs the bumpy terrain as well as enables overall superior control of this bicycle.

The rear and front linear brake system guarantee instant stopping power when you pull the lever. Its SRAM 21-speed grip shifters offer smooth, accurate shifting capabilities. Its alloy black rims offer high performance off and on the road.

On the other hand, the handlebars stimulate upright posture, which make your leisurely rides or commutes more satisfying without the pains and aches of relaxing in hunched-over posture.

On top of that, this unit is accomplished with Velo saddle intended for superior comfort, allowing more riding time with no saddle soreness.

 21-speed for utmost control
 The quality handlebar boosts posture
 Its 29″ wheels allow it to be best for all conditions

× Heavy frame
× Large design restricts it to the taller users

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