The Best Bike Bells for a Safer Commute and a Nicer Bike

The bicycle bell is one of the most underappreciated, yet often necessary, cycling accessories. It is a simple way to signal your presence as you ride on busy roads, bike paths or trails. Using a bike bell is important to alert pedestrians, drivers and other cyclists and prevent potential collisions. Invented in the late 1800s, bicycle bells are now offered in a very wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes and sounds. In this article we look at some of the best bike bells on the market. All products are available for online purchase and fast shipping.


SpurCycle Original Bell $49

 The SpurCycle Original Bell has an elegant all-metal construction, with a brass dome and an aluminum hammer. It is offered in two finishes: shiny bare metal or a black "Diamond-like carbon" coating for a slightly higher price that gives it a more low-key look. It uses a versatile and easy to install mount (using a 2.5mm hex key) that adapts to all handlebar diameters and shapes, and can be used on aluminum or carbon handlebars. SpurCycle claims that it rings three times as long as other bells on the market. It is made in USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee from Spurcycle.

2. Crane Bells e-Ne: A classy vintage style bell

crane e ne 1

Crane Bells e-Ne $49

Crane is a Japanese company specialized in making high-quality bicycle bells. Crane offers a very wide range of bells, but the e-Ne is one of their most popular models. The e-Ne itself comes in several variations, and the cheaper end of the range have aluminum domes that don’t ring as loud or as long as the brass-domed (more expensive) version. The e-Ne has a classy design, very similar to yet larger than the SpurCycle Original bell. The mounting band has a soft nylon coating to prevent it from marring the finish on your handlebar.

3. Knog Oi Bell: Best low-profile bell

knog oi

Knog Oi Bell $49

Knog is an Australian company known for making well-designed bike accessories. Their humorously-named Oi bell comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The Oi has a distinctive wraparound design that makes it an excellent option for riders wanting a more inconspicuous and low-profile presence of the bell on their handlebar. The Oi also comes with a very clever clamp design that allows it to accommodate cables that run on the handlebar, which is an excellent feature for road bike drop bars that often have cables running along their length.  Similar to its unobtrusive looks, the oi also has a politer and more subtle tone, which might not suit those who ride in more crowded urban commuting environments. Knog offers the Oi in a very tasteful brass and leather version, called the Oi Luxe.

4. Trigger bell: The bell with the most mounting options

trigger bell

Trigger Bell $49

The Trigger Bell doesn’t look as fancy as many other bells on this list, but its clever and unique design allows it to be mounted in numerous locations on the handlebars of pretty much any kind of bike.  This is extremely useful for experimenting with different mounting positions on bikes with drop or flat handlebars and different kinds of brakes. This also allows the rider to find the optimum location to mount the bell for use without having to remove their hands from the handlebar, which is critical for safety. While the Trigger Bell isn’t the loudest on this list, it is certainly loud enough for its size, and the adaptability of the mounting options it provides is certainly a unique feature.

5. Crane Suzu Bell: An exquisite copper-dome bell

crane suzu

Crane Suzu Bell $49

 The Suzu from Crane has a gorgeous copper dome and a lever-style striker. The Suzu’s all-metal construction is classy and gives the impression of a much pricier bell. This traditionally-styled bell will appeal to riders looking for a classic and timeless design to accessorize their vintage bike or match other retro-inspired components on a classic build. The copper-domed Suzu is actually one out of six versions Crane offers the Suzu in, including chrome, matter silver and black finishes. Crane also offers a “Mini Suzu” that comes with a smaller diameter dome (45mm vs the regular Suzu’s 55mm). 

6. Delta Cycle Airzound: Loudest bike horn


Delta Cycle Airzound $49

The Delta Cycle Airzound is a bicycle horn that uses a small air tank that can be recharged with any bike pump, which allows the Airzound to be used without needing any batteries.   Delta Cycle claims the Airzound to be “the world’s loudest bike horn”. The loudness of the Airzound is certainly something that commuters on busy roads will appreciate, especially if you’re trying to get the attention of drivers who may not be able to hear a traditional bike bell. The downside is that the Airzound is rather heavy (227g) and bulky, and the air bottle will take up room in a bottle cage that might be otherwise needed to carry hydration.

7. Crane Omamori Talisman: A functional trinket for your handlebar

crane talisman

Crane Omamori Talisman $49

Crane makes so many great bike bells that we have to feature another one of theirs in this list. While functionally this might be identical to the Crane Suzu featured earlier in this list, the main difference is in the “Talisman” dome design. Crane offers this bell in six different hand-painted Japanese inscriptions. The Omamori Talisman is certainly one beautiful bicycle bell with a charming design.

8. Pacearth Bike Bell: Simple and affordable bike bell


Pacearth Bike Bell $49

The Pacearth bell has a very simple design with a die cast metal construction and a polished black dome. The handlebar clamp comes with rubber padding to protect against marking the surface finish of your handlebars and can be fitted for right- or left-hand use. The Pacearth has a few weaknesses, though. The rubber padding is not attached to the clamp, which might make the installation process a bit fiddly. The clamp diameter is rather limited and might not fit modern oversize handlebars. The Pacearth is also not as loud as many other bells featured on this list. That being said, the very affordable price point of the Pacearth makes it a great option for outfitting several bikes with bells, buying for a children’s bike or fitting to a bike that is often used in areas with widespread risk of bike theft.

9. Kickstand Cycleworks Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell: Wide variety of colors

Kickstand Cycleworks

Kickstand Cycleworks Bike Bell $49

If you’re looking to color-match your bell to your bike, you’ll most probably find your color in the twenty options the Kickstand Cycleworks comes in! This bell has a very simple metal dome with a plastic striker. It comes with a two-bolt clamp that use a standard Philips screwdriver to install.  This is a very affordable bell, too, but the use of a plastic striker and return spring makes long-term durability questionable. The clamp is also bare metal, which might be problematic if you intend to fit it to handlebars that you don’t want to scratch.

10. RockBros Bike Bell: Spurcycle Knockoff

rockbros spurcycle knockoff

RockBros Bell $49

The RockBros bell bears a striking resemblance to the SpurCycle bell. Let’s just say that RockBros got very inspired by SpurCycles design and they decided to pay homage to it with their version, which comes at a lower price point despite the similarity in design and materials. It comes with attachment straps in different sizes to suit various handlebar diameters. The RockBros bell falls short when it comes to loudness compared to the SpurCycles bell.

11. Lion Bell Works Urban Bicycle Bell: A beautiful retro-inspired bell

lion bellworks

Lion Bell Works $49

 Lion Bell Works is an English company specializing in bicycle bells, and all their bells are manufactured in England. The Urban Bicycle Bell is a bell with a beautiful vintage styling. The 55mm dome is made from solid polished nickel silver dome with an etched "Lion England" logo. There are two options for mounting: a handlebar clamp and stem mount. All fasteners and clamps are stainless steel, which enhances the resistance to corrosion in wet and rainy conditions. The Urban Cycling Bell has a loud and long note, which you can hear in a sound recording on their website. 

12. Electra Ringer: Yet another affordable and colorful bell

electra ringer

Electra Ringer $49

The Electra Ringer domed bike bell is yet another affordable bell that comes in a variety of attractive colors. The Electra Ringer has a simple construction with a metal dome and a plastic striker. The Ringer comes in nine different color options.

13. Basil Bike Bells: Retro and modern bell options


basil bike bells

Basil Bike Bell $49


Basil is a Dutch company that offers an extensive catalogue of bicycle accessories. They have an impressive range of bike bells with something to suit every taste. Their Portland bells have a vintage design with a lever striker and polished metal dome. They also offer another, more modern design called the Basil Wanderlust Big Bell which comes in a variety of colorful and floral dome patterns.

14. Beep Bells: Hand-painted bells

beep bells

Beep Bell $49

Beep is an Australian company offering a wide range of high-quality bells. The unique thing about Beep’s bells is that each and every bell is painted by hand in their studio. That makes each bell from Beep not only a bicycle accessory, but also a finely crafted piece of handlebar-mounted art! While beep offers a wide variety of designs on their website, they also offer a custom design option. A hand-painted Beep bell on your handlebar can certainly be a unique accessory and a conversation starter. 

15. ORP bike horn: Two-in-one bell and safety light

orp bike horn

ORP Bike Horn $49

ORP is the second horn we feature on this list. The ORP bike horn also doubles as a beacon light and is fully weatherproof which makes it great for commuters. The ORP offers a choice of two tones: a 76-decibel tone for warning pedestrians and other cyclists and a louder 96 decibel tone for alerting car and motorized traffic. The tones are chosen by pressing the “whale tail” on the ORP either up or down, and sounding the horn also actuates the LED lights. The ORP comes with an integrated rubber handlebar strap, and ORP also sells an optional remote add-on (called the REMORP) that allows it to be actuated without removing your hands from the handlebars. 

16. Timberbell: Best bell for mountain bikers

timber bell

Timberbell $49

Most of the bells we have featured so far on this list are great for road bikers and commuters, but what about mountain bikers? The Timberbell is advertised as a mountain biker’s bell. The Timberbell is dissimilar to traditional bell designs is that it doesn’t have a regular striker, but a plastic lever that locks or unlocks a steel ball inside the cowbell style dome. When the lever is in the unlock position, the steel ball moves freely as you ride over uneven ground and sounds off alerting other trail users to your presence even if you don’t have them yet in your sight. The great thing about the Timberbell is that you don’t need to take your hands off the handlebar, which is essential for safety when riding rough trails.


17. MSK Aero Bell: Aerodynamic bicycle bell

msk aero

MSK Aero Bell $49

If you have done everything to make your kit and bike as aerodynamic as possible, you don't want a bulky bell on your handlebar disrupting the smooth front profile of your fast road bike and generating air drag. That's where the MSK aero bell shines, coming in a streamlined low-profile aerodynamic shape that with an aluminum dome and a plastic ratchet strap.

18. Van Nicholas Titanium Bell: A premium bell with aerospace-grade materials

van nicholas titanium

Van Nicholas Titanium Bell $98

Van Nicholas are known for premium titanium bikes, and their Titanium Bell would be the perfect accessory. The Van Nicholas Titanium bell is made from Aerospace-grade Titanium alloy with a brushed finish, and comes in two swivel-mount sizes (22.2mm and 31.8mm).

19. Palomar Nello Bell:

palomar nello

Palomar Nello Bell $49

The Palomar Nello is a unique bell that attaches to your handlebars using a magnetic base. The Nello is perhaps suited to riding in low-noise environments and smooth roads, as many users have reported that it is lacking in loudness and that the magnet in the mounting base is not strong enough to keep it safely mounted on rough roads, and it also makes it more vulnerable to theft if you leave your bike unattended.

20. BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini

BONMIXC Bike Bell $49

The BONMIXC Brass Mini bell is a very simple and affordable bell with a brass dome and a plastic base and striker. It features a simple one-bolt flexible clamp that only fits handlebars 21-23mm in diameter, which makes it unsuitable for modern oversize road and mountain bike handlebars. If you’re looking for a loud, small and very cheap bell, this bell might be worth a look.

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