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The Best Cruiser Bikes To Buy in 2021

The best cruiser bikes are durable, stylish and comfortable. The perfect bike to ride around town, carry your shopping or even get you around the beach. Cruiser bikes are not designed for speed, but they look awesome and get you from a to b a lot quicker than walking.

Here is a round-up of the best cruiser bikes to buy in 2021.

Best Men’s Cruiser Bike ($500-ish)

The Detroit Bikes A-Type 8-Speed Bike is everything that a cruiser needs to be. It is comfortable, comes with fenders, rear rack, chain guard and it looks cool. It comes with 8 gears, which is more than enough to get you over any terrain in the city or near the beach.

Detroit is renowned for including quality components on their well-made bikes and the A-type 8 speed is no different. The coil-sprung saddle gives you just enough suspension to keep you comfy no matter how bumpy the road or path gets.

Best Value Men’s Cruiser Bikes

If you are looking for a modern-day classic without overpaying for a vintage ride. The ZF Bikes – Classic Men – Raw – 7 Speed Bike combines the classic cruiser style with modern-day reliability and technology. The minimalistic paint job just adds to the charm of this bargain cruiser.

Despite the low price, a lot of thought went into this bike. The extra-wide tires, handlebars and cushioned seat provide an incredibly comfortable ride. Of course, the frame is heavy and the bike a little cumbersome, but at this price, you are buying a piece of history that is guaranteed to get you to your destination and turn heads along the way.

Best Women’s Cruiser Bike ($500-ish)

The State Bicycle 3 Speed City Bike – The Azure is a beautiful cruiser. The dropped top bar means that it is easy to step on and off while riding around town and running errands. The gears are hidden away in the rear hub, making them super low maintenance as all the components are kept safe from the rain and dirt.

With fenders and nice wide handlebars, this is a comfortable bike designed to add a basket on and use to help carry shopping or everything you need for a weekend bike ride and picnic.

Best Value Women’s Cruiser Bike

ZF Bikes – Classic Women – White is a single-speed cruiser that looks awesome, doesn’t break the bank. Making it the best value women’s cruiser bike.

The classic cruiser design and the white frame with the baby blue details make it look stunning. The fact that it is a single speed set up may put you off, but the gearing is perfect for riding on flat roads and paths. It does not come with fenders at this price, but you do get a chain guard to keep your trousers/dress away from the greasy chain and a wide comfy seat.

Best Cheap Cruiser Bike

Looking for a cheap cruiser bike that is discrete and durable. Check out ZF Bikes – Classic Men – Army! With the classic low profile, fat tires and wide seat, this bike is stable and reliable.

It will not be the fastest on the market, but if you are looking for a basic and durable cruiser bike that will get you around, this is worth considering. Also, the fact that it is a single-speed adds to the simplicity of this bike. Expect low maintenance and cheap thrills with this bike!

Best Beach Cruiser Bike

A beach cruiser needs to have fat tires and a low ride. The Cruiser Lux 3i Step-Over from the Electra range by Trek has everything you need from the best beach cruiser.

The lightweight aluminum frame means that it does not feel as heavy as the steel-framed cruisers out there. It comes with a 3-speed internal hub, quality components and a stylish look. It does not have fenders and you might struggle to find some for the size of the tires this beast runs. Nevertheless, this is the best beach cruiser on the market.

Best Cruiser Bike at Walmart

The Huffy 26″ Nel Lusso Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike is the utility belt of cruiser bikes. It is built for the 21st-century woman (or man) and comes with a rear storage rack, a smartphone holder, a cupholder, and a front basket. I have never come across a bike that comes with a smartphone holder!

This single-speed bike has been made for comfort, durability and convenience. The stylish cream and blue combo make this one of the most stylish cruisers on the market. Finally, as there are no gears, there is no clutter on the handlebars making this bike even more fashionable.

Best Cruiser Bike for Commute

Not all cruisers are built only for the beach. ZF Bikes – Classic Men – 3spd is a cruiser that can double up as a comfy and affordable commuter bike.

The 3-speed internal rear hub will help you to navigate the city roads in style without having to worry about wearing lycra or turning up to work all hot and sweaty. As with all the best cruiser bikes, this is not built for speed, but it is durable and those thick tires will help prevent punctures on your way to work.

Best Stretched Cruiser Bike

The 26″ Mustang GTS Stretch Cruiser Bike is unnecessary but feels so right! Not suitable for offroading or going over any large speed bumps, this stretched cruiser bike is bicycle engineering at its best.

The riding position of a stretched cruiser bike is not going to suit everyone. But this bike is sure to turn heads. It comes with fenders and a springer front fork to add to the comfort of the ride (and prevent the extra-long frame from snapping). It is a fixed gear low rider. This unique bike is one of a kind and if you are looking for this design, the Mustang GTS is the best stretched cruiser bike on the market.

Best BMX Cruiser Bike

Another one of a kind! State Bicycle Co. has teamed up with streetwear legend Jeff Staple, to create this limited edition Staple Pigeon “Big BMX” Cruiser – 26″ BMX.

This bike is unique compared to the other cruisers on the list, not only because of the awesome paint job, but this is a beefed-up BMX that can still be used for tricks as well as a more relaxed ride than the traditional smaller framed BMXs.

It comes with a flip-flop rear hub, so you get the option to freewheel if you would prefer. While this bike is not as comfortable as most cruisers, it is more comfortable than traditional BMXs thanks to its high bars and larger frame.

Best Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Bike

All the best cruiser bikes will have fatter tires than you are used to seeing on road bikes or even most commuter bikes. However, another bread of cruiser bike has taken it one step further with enormous balloon tires.

The In the Barrel Men’s 26″ Single Speed FAT Tire Beach Cruiser Bicycle is the best fat tire beach cruiser. The fat tires will help you to ride over any terrain, making them perfect for the beach. It is single speed and due to the large tires, expect a lot of rolling resistance (it does not go very fast). Fat tire bikes are built as utility bikes to help you cycle on the sand and uneven surfaces while remaining comfortable.

Best Step-Through Cruiser Bike

This is a step-through version of Detroit’s classic 8-speed city bike. With the same high-quality components and durable frame material, the Detroit Bikes B-Type Commuter Bike is fun, reliable and easy to jump on and off.

Detroit bikes chuck in a free floor pump with all of their bikes, which is a nice touch when looking for a cruiser. Although the tires are durable and thicker than most, you need to be prepared and always check your tires are fully inflated before leaving for the beach or the shops. The Detroit B-type comes with fenders, a chain guard, and a rear rack, helping to keep you dry and carry everything you need for a relaxed day out on the bike.

What is a Cruiser Bike?

Cruiser bikes are comfort and simplicity with two wheels. They are a throwback to the classic beach bikes you used to be able to hire when you went to the coast on holiday.

They are becoming increasingly popular due to their low maintenance, comfortable upright seating position, and uniquely beautiful frame design. Cruiser bikes are often single speed, which makes them perfect for flat coastal or city terrain. However, with one gear and a heavy steel frame, you will find yourself struggling to go up hills on a cruiser.

Obviously, with simplicity comes a few compromises. Cruiser bikes are built for comfort and style, not speed. But, if you are looking for a durable bicycle to get you around town, out of the house at the weekend, or even help you carry the shopping, they are an excellent investment. Thanks to continued innovation, some cruisers’ models can even be used as a commuter bike, bringing style and reliability to your daily grind.

As you have seen from the above list of the best cruiser bikes, there is a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference over technical specifications.

Choosing Between Single Speed vs Geared Cruiser Bikes

Traditionally cruiser bikes were only single speed, some didn’t even come with brakes and you had to rely on backpedaling to stop. Fortunately, bike brands have caught up with the times and are offering geared options and traditional brake levers to help you stay in full control of your cruiser bike.

Single-speed bikes are low maintenance and easy to ride. Without gears, you do not have the additional gear cables and controls to clutter up the handlebars, adding simplicity and style. However, it does limit what you can use your cruiser bike for. Singlespeed bikes are more hard work to build up and maintain speed. When you come to the slightest incline, it will test your leg strength and you may have to throw in the towel and walk up the hill.

Geared cruiser bikes either have an internal rear hub (all the mechanism is inside the wheel) or a rear cassette, giving you the versatility to change up or down gear depending on your speed and the terrain. This is the preferred choice by many, even for a cruiser bike, as it is easier on your legs. The internal rear hubs are easier maintenance (as they are not exposed to rain, dirt or sand).

Whatever cruiser bike you choose from on this list, it will get you from a to b in style and comfort no matter how many gears it does or does not have.

How We Ranked these Bikes

The cruiser bikes on this list have been ranked based on customer reviews, functionality and a look into the components and parts that make up the bike. It can be tempting to go for a sub $100 cruiser bike from the likes of Walmart, but you will find that they are poorly made and will be quick to fall apart.

The best cruiser bikes are:

The above cruiser bikes tick all the boxes. It is now down to you to choose which design you like best.

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