Best Ski Helmets to Buy in 2019

The ideal ski helmet is warm, comfortable, stylish, and offers the best protection for your head when out on the slopes. Recent advancements in technology and construction mean that they are now lighter, safer and more comfortable than ever. If you are buying your first, or thinking about upgrading, 2019 brings lots of fantastic new options to the market.

But which ski helmet is right for you? Here are our top five from the new wave of helmets available in 2019.

Smith Quantum

Smith Quantum Ski Helmet e1549544790328

The Quantum is the top of the range helmet for serious skiers. It utilizes both a multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) and Koroyd, a copolymer consisting of thousands of cylindrical tubes. Koroyd is designed to crush in a controlled way on impact that improves the way it absorbs kinetic energy. This feature also means that the helmet can be used again after a low-impact crash. The Quantum has a fully adjustable fit and 22 adjustable vents for maximum comfort. It also has a magnetic buckle that is easy to use while wearing ski gloves.

  • Material – hybrid Koroyd with ABS shell
  • Weight – 23 oz
  • Ventilation – 22 adjustable vents
  • Features – anti-bacterial lining, removeable earpads, magnetic buckle
  • Price – $300
  • More information

Ruroc RG1-X Black Ice

Ruroc black ice ski helmet e1549545009529

The Black Ice is a serious helmet for a serious skier. It has an expanded polystyrene liner covered by a durable ABS shell which absorbs shocks well, and hidden vent channels to allow for proper air flow. The helmet is adjustable to fit snuggly with low-density comfort foam and additional neck support. What makes the Black Ice different from other helmets on the market is its detachable face mask, designed to provide extra protection from wind chill, debris and impact. On the downside, this can lead to moisture build-up that can soak into other clothing.

  • Material – ABS
  • Weight – 25 oz
  • Ventilation – hidden channels
  • Features – detachable face mask, magloc goggles, camera mount
  • Price – $370
  • More information

Oakley Mod 5

Oakley Mod 5 ski helmet image e1549545289431

The Mod 5 is probably one of the safest mid-range helmets on the market at the moment, and also comes packed with additional features. It has MIPS as its base layer covered by ABS high-impact plastic in the front and an in-mold polycarbonate outer shell at the back, offering maximum impact protection. This model also comfortable in the way it conforms to your head, and still feels good when wearing goggles. The Mod 5 has a modular brim ventilation system that allows hot air to pass up through the helmet, preventing ice formation and keeping goggles fog-free. Among its other features is a chin strap with magnetic latching, which is easy to use when wearing your skgloves.

  • Material – hybrid ABS front and in-mold rear
  • Weight – 20 oz
  • Ventilation – 8 adjustable vents
  • Features – modular brim system, removable ear muffs and inner living, magnetic latching chin strap
  • Price – $200-$210
  • More information

Smith Holt Helmet

Smith Holt Ski Helmet e1549545432349

When looking for something affordable that still offers excellent safety and comfort, the Holt is a good choice. It has an injection molded ABS shell that offers solid protection. Its adjustable air ventilation system also provides great comfort. On the downside, there is minimal fit adjustability, so it will either fit your head or it won’t, and the goggles can tend to pop off.

  • Material – injection molded ABS shell
  • Weight – 19 oz
  • Ventilation – 14 adjustable vents
  • Features – removable earpads, goggle lock
  • Price – $70
  • More information

Giro Ledge MIPS

Giro LEdge Mips Ski Helmet e1549545555683

The Ledge is one of the few helmets under $100 that offer the safety of MIPS, with an ABS shell. It also has an edge on the Holt thanks to its adjustable fit. Its main drawback is that its eight vents aren’t adjustable.

  • Material – ABS
  • Weight – 18 oz
  • Ventilation – 8 fixed vents
  • Features – removable ear pads, goggle lock
  • Price – $80
  • More information

When it comes to safety on the slopes, the right ski helmet is essential. There are a number of quality and affordable helmets on the market for casual skiers. For serious skiers willing to spend a little more, top end helmets can offer comfort, protection and style.

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