Top Picks for Bicycle Helmets With LED Lights & Helmet Mounted LED Lights

If you need a bicycle helmet with LED lights or a set of helmet mounted lights, then you came to the right place.  We have the best two options for bicycle helmets with LED lights, and also the best three helmet-mounted lights. Make your nighttime rides safer with the right equipment!

Best Overall: Magicshine MJ-898 Genie Helmet Light.MagiShine - Bicycle Helmet With LED Light

This is definitely the best helmet for nightriders in 2019. With its appealing design, the Genie Helmet is excellent for the urban cyclist. It’s powerful, it’s angle-adjustable, it has high-density EPS and a practical remote control. The latter can be adjusted to the handlebar. Compared with similar models, it can be really cost-effective thanks to its 170 dollars price.

Runnerup: Lumos Helmet With LED Lights.

Lumos Best Bicycle Helmet With LED Lights.

One of the best helmets for bicycle nightriders is certainly the Lumos Helmet. This helmet comes with forty-eight LEDs! The backlights are automatically activated if the helmet senses you’re slowing down. Also, you can use its wireless remote control to use the turning lights. Its ten frontal LED lights are really powerful. This is definitely the most practical e-helmet you can buy right now. Its 180 dollars price is totally worth it.

Best Helmet Mounted: Exposure Diablo Mk10.

Helmet Mounted Exposure Diablo Mk10.

This setup is what you need to pass through the darkest trails. It’s like riding to the light of your own personal sun! The Exposure Diablo Mk10 comes with great power, battery capabilities, and practical features like the “tap mode”. Which allows you to change modes easily. The Diablo Mk10 is capable of lasting three hours in medium mode (1 hour at max). Its USB charging makes it a battery-free device. It’s indeed a bit pricey, (two hundred and fifty dollars) but it is totally worth its price.

Lightweight/Affordable Helmet Mounted: Infini Super Lava.Infini Super Lava Mounted LED Ligths

Size doesn’t matter, and the helmet-mounted Infini Super Lava can prove it. Due to its reduced size, you get the best lightweight lights available, weighing only 78g. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t get misguided for the small size of the Infini Super Lava. This little one comes with a lot of power, excellent battery life, and an even better price of 50 dollars. It is rechargeable through a USB port and has three different modes for you to choose.

Powerful Helmet Mounted: Lezyne Power Drive 1100X

Lezyne comes back with a more-than-powerful light. Set the road on fire with its 1100 lumens of power. The Lezyne Power Drive 1100 XL is a really good option, even if you’re planning to ride through caves. Nonetheless, the huge amount of power of these lights comes at a considerable price. Both its weight and its price are a little bit higher than any other lights in the market.

Make your night riding safer!

These are great options for you, to add an extra safety layer to your rides. You can alert drivers of your presence by lighting the way, and save yourself from some serious injury by buying them!

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  1. joaquin Andres

    Please may I know if you have the helmet Magicshine MJ_898 in xl size and how much is it?Thank you.joaquin Andres .Spain.

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