Bicycle Mirrors: The Ultimate Guide

‏‎The significance of bike mirrors as a germane accessory has gone beyond common across the world. Trust me, bicycle mirrors are important.

The level of research cyclists make just to choose what-fits-what best will amaze you.

Surprisingly, users find ways to negate various recommendations thereby spurring intense arguments on any cycling instruction across the internet.

Trust me, we’ve seen this for ourselves.

There is an array of options to decide from but there are considerations one doesn’t overlook in deciding what’s best.

So, before rushing into buying a mirror, let’s consider the 4 basic types of cycling mirror and the essentials.

PS: Every mirror is characterized by clarity, mounting, susceptibility and vibration sensitivity.

The perfect mix of all of these factors makes for an excellent mirror.

Now, let’s dig in.

Types of Bicycle Mirrors

  • Bicycle Handle Bar Mirror

These bicycle mirrors are designed to be an extension of the handlebars, ultimately stretching to create a wider path for the rider.

Hence, they are a common choice for cyclists coming in different forms.

bicycle mirror handle bar

Some have straight away hinges and others fitted at the end of the bars which makes it prone to vibration.

Furthermore, they require a rather high level of concentration whilst switching between seeing ahead and taking a quick stare at the mirror.

Mirrycle Mountain Handlebar and CycleAware Roadie comes highly distinct and recommended.

  • Helmet Mirrors

This mounts straight on your element, either screwed to the shell or glued directly to the element.

Automatically, this means that you’d have to use an element to have it no matter what bike you ride.

This goes to provide some level of safety while cycling.

helmet mounted bicycle mirror

Although helmet mounted bicycle mirrors tend to vibrate more.

Zone and Race Icon helmet mirror stand atop offering an accurate image of happenings behind you without having to move your head.

Helmet mirrors are truly a concentrated breed.

  • Eyeglass Mirror

These mirrors are also beginning to break into the sect.

Eyeglass mirrors offer admirable possibilities in that they give the best positioning.

eyeglass bicycle mirror

One gets to capture every detail as it unfolds.

Sprintech engenders an amazing reflex and a very minute level of vibration.

The Mirrycle is extremely durable and has an ultra-wide mirror which can be pivoted to any desired viewing angle.

Generally, Eyeglass mirrors offer a 3-pivot system (can be attached in 3 places) that provides additional security for cyclists.

  • On Lens Mirror

There is no argument that On Lens Mirrors are an astounding solution for true safety and awareness.

They are top quality mirrors directed to the inside of the eyeglasses.

bicycle mirror


On Lens Mirror are best used by cyclists wearing sunglasses, basically, those who do not need correction for distant vision.

Desmond stainless lens and third eye micro brand offer a leveled amount of comfort and are particularly a great choice.

Proper Usage

Vision is very crucial in cycling, it’s not just for sight but also provides a sense of defense.

Whether you ride a road bike or a fixie, bicycle mirrors are an important safety gear for cyclists.

Keeping your mirrors properly adjusted helps you maximize safety, that’s crucial.

Mirrors are an important extension of the cyclist and cyclists who understand safety are true advocates.

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