Boneshaker ‘End of Summer Sweepstakes’: Join and Win $2200+ in Prizes!

Boneshaker Bikes is offering you the chance to win a total of about $2200 in prizes to spice up your summer.One lucky winner will receive the following incredible prizes from our giveaway partners: FiercePulse, MARDA, Getaway, Southern Breeze, WishSlate, Country Archer Provisions, and The Beachwaver Co. Enter Now Prize$500 FiercePulse Gift Card$200 Gift Card or […]

The Best Road Bikes of 2021

Road biking has been around for a long time and has gained quite a bit of popularity over the years. More and more people are ditching their gym memberships and grabbing a road bike, and for good reason! Cycling is easily one of the best ways to get and stay in shape. The thing is, there […]

Boneshaker Giveaway: Get Fit for Spring and Win $1400+ in Prizes

Boneshaker Bikes brings you the opportunity to win an estimated $1400 in prizing to help you hit your fitness goals this spring.One winner will take home these amazing gifts, courtesy of our giveaway partners: Slate Milk, Morning blitz, Sportify It, Mission Farms CBD, Harmony Company and Phiaton. Enter Now PrizePhiaton 900 Legacy and BT 120 […]

The Best Bike Bells for a Safer Commute and a Nicer Bike

The bicycle bell is one of the most underappreciated, yet often necessary, cycling accessories. It is a simple way to signal your presence as you ride on busy roads, bike paths or trails. Using a bike bell is important to alert pedestrians, drivers and other cyclists and prevent potential collisions. Invented in the late 1800s, […]

The Best Gravel Bikes to Buy in 2021

Gravel bike, often also referred to as ‘adventure bike’, is a special kind of road bike designed for off-road terrains, but also performs well on-road as needed. Gravel bikes usually come with wider tires, lower gearing, lower bottom bracket, longer wheelbase, and the best gravel bikes will feature frames and components able to withstand the […]

Norco 1

The Best Fat Tire Bikes to Buy in 2021

In the past few years, fat biking has gone from being a movement on the fringe of the cycling industry to a well-established cycling discipline. Motivations for buying a fat bike are many, most importantly extending the riding season by opening further riding opportunities, such as riding in winter conditions where regular mountain bikes will struggle […]

LochsideCyclesbeachcruiserdutchbicycle5speedseafoamLovelo 1

Best Cruiser Bikes for Women

Cruiser bikes are the perfect way to get around town in style. Their more relaxed riding position and nice comfy wide bars make them an excellent choice for weekend leisure rides or nipping down the shops. The best cruiser bikes for women are stylish, comfortable, and durable.Here is a list of the best women’s cruiser […]


Best Bike Helmets for Commuters

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned cyclist, you want to ensure that you are as safe as possible while cycling on the road or track. The best bike helmets are stylish while also offering you the protection you need, should the worst happen and you fall off your bike. Cycling helmets are not just […]

Best Cruiser Bikes by Boneshaker Bikes

The Best Cruiser Bikes To Buy in 2021

The best cruiser bikes are durable, stylish and comfortable. The perfect bike to ride around town, carry your shopping or even get you around the beach. Cruiser bikes are not designed for speed, but they look awesome and get you from a to b a lot quicker than walking.Here is a round-up of the best […]

pure fix bike on a bridge

Is Pure Fix the Best Bicycle $399 Can Buy?

Here’s the deal — fixed gear bikes blend the ultimate in utility and speed, making them excellent choices for commuters, racers, and casual cyclists alike. Pure Fix is the original name in fixed gear bikes, having kicked off the fixie craze with their high value yet affordable bikes. Ducking out to a friend’s house on […]

JMO 2111

Best Commuter Bikes Under $500

The competition for the best commuter bike under $500 has never been hotter. The best commuter bikes are reliable, easy to maintain, and comfortable. And you have the choice of several different styles. If you are looking for an affordable commuter bike that will get you to work and back in one piece, you have […]

State Bicycle 26" BMX Bike

State Bicycle Launches New 26″ BMX Cruiser in Partnership with Legendary Jeff Staple

After the last Goon XL drop, we have another exclusive release for Boneshaker members! Be the first to get the all-new State Bicycle X Staple Pigeon 26″ BMX, made in collaboration with the legendary Jeff Staple ?. The bike features a 4130 Chromoly Steel frame with 26” wheels, adorned with a “razzle-dazzle” camo plus Staple’s signature […]

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5 Great Hybrid Bikes Under $1000

Pure Fix Fixed Gear Original Fixie Bike According to the Sports Gear Blog, $1000 is a decent budget to score a high-performance hybrid commuter bike. The Pure Fix, at around $400, costs a lot less than the other bikes featured in this list – but still makes it to the top because of the joy, […]

7 of the Best Biking Cities on the Planet

Biking allows you to stay active and healthy while letting you reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. With the return of the bicycle as a modern form of transport, more and more cities are implementing their own rules and laws when it comes to biking in public places. That said, a few cities […]

Top Bike Clubs in the USA

Most Popular Bike Clubs in the USA

We are listing the top bike clubs in the USA in terms of popularity. More clubs are being added to the list as we speak. If you have recommendation, please use the comment feature to let us know. Bluegrass Cycling Club in Lexington, Kentucky The Bluegrass Cycling Club is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization. Established in […]

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