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Boneshaker Bikes features the full BMX range from Eastern Bikes.

Eastern Bikes has been a leading innovator in the BMX industry since 1996. Many of their inventions, such as the 'Birectional' Right/Left-hand drive hub, and the 'plastic hub guard', has been widely adopted by BMX brands worldwide.

Once regarded as the top beginner-level BMX brand in the USA, Eastern had a few rough years in the early 2010s, but since then they have come back strongly and have regained their position as one of the best BMX brands in the starter category.

Today, Eastern offers a total of 13 different models in the 20" BMX category, each available in multiple color variations to fit riders of all levels and needs.

If you looking for bigger BMX bikes, Eastern makes the Commando in 24", and Growler in 26" and 29" sizes.