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Richard and Brian, two brothers from Vancouver Island who share a passion for cycling and the outdoors, founded Lochside Cycles in 2013 in Victoria, BC. After years of riding Vancouver Island's various environments and meeting more inspired individuals along the way, they set out to establish a local business centered on innovative goods at an accessible price range.

They view that riding is a lifestyle choice and that bicycles are an embodiment of themselves. Lochside bicycles are created and manufactured for riders of every quality, whether urban, country or anywhere in between.

Lochside Cycles Step-Through Line:

The Step-Through line is a contemporary interpretation of the classic Dutch cruiser and is ideal for riders who wish to look nice both on and off the bike. Their 3-Speed internally geared hub and upright shape are designed for comfortable cruising.

Lochside Cycles 8-Speed Line:

The 8-speed Lochside Cycles are recognized for their Agility. They are fast enough to escape swiftly from the city traffic on your rush to work and are sturdy enough to paddle in the relaxing Sunday morning. Comes in black & white.

Lochside Cycles Single-Speed Line:

Comes equipped with a flip-flop hub, so you can ride single-speed or fixed gear.