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Throne Cycles has made a name for themselves for making high-quality performance track bikes (The Tracklords), and sleek big-size BMX (the Goons), bikes for two very different user groups. Throne also makes the Throne Phantom, a value-packed single-speed commuter bike, and the Throne Terra, an entry-level gravel bike.

Throne Tracklord Track Bike

Throne Tracklord is Throne Cycles' flagship track bike and is one of the best track bikes in the market in its price category. Complete with a 6061 alloy frame, carbon fork, carbon seat post, and tapered head tube, it is lighter, stronger, and faster than the previous Track Lord, and will blaze any crit or velo track on fire.

The Tracklords release in limited quantities a few times every year - so make sure you are signed up for our email to get notified as soon as new Tracklords drop.

Throne Tracklords are offered in Black, Glacier Grey, Teal, Neochrome, Pearlescent and Pink colors.

Throne Goon 29" BMX Bike

Throne Goon is an extremely popular 29er that drops a few times every year and sells out within days every time. It comes equipped with a 16T fixed cog and rear brake but with multiple ways to set it up you can run it brakeless, freewheel, dirt, wheelie shredder, and more. It is a platform for pretty much anything you want to run the streets. With large tires and hard riding, it can handle trails, jumps, wheelies, and that courier life in the city. Often compared with, and deemed better than the SE Bikes Big Ripper.

Available in exclusive colorways such as the Gunmetal Purple, Graphite Oro, Oil Slick, Black Combat and White Crimson.

Throne Goon D2 29" BMX with Disc Brake

The Goon D2 is a Goon 29er packed with a disc brake. The D2 launched in March 2021 and was only offered in 1 colorway, Black Combat.

Throne Goon XL 27.5" BMX Bike

The Throne Goon XL comes with 27.5", 3-inch wide fat wheels and features disc brake in the rear wheel. Available in 4 awesome colorways - Electric Blue, Deezy Black, Fire Orange, and Metal Combat.

Throne Terra Gravel Bike

Throne Phantom Single Speed Bike

The Throne Phantom bike is one of the most well-equipped complete bikes on the market today, and offers great value and features for its price. A competent single speed that is great for city or commute, the Phantom features sturdy aluminum 6061 frame and a carbon/alloy fork.