The Best Road Bikes of 2021

Road biking has been around for a long time and has gained quite a bit of popularity over the years. More and more people are ditching their gym memberships and grabbing a road bike, and for good reason! Cycling is easily one of the best ways to get and stay in shape. The thing is, there […]

The Best Gravel Bikes to Buy in 2021

Gravel bike, often also referred to as ‘adventure bike’, is a special kind of road bike designed for off-road terrains, but also performs well on-road as needed. Gravel bikes usually come with wider tires, lower gearing, lower bottom bracket, longer wheelbase, and the best gravel bikes will feature frames and components able to withstand the […]

Best Cruiser Bikes by Boneshaker Bikes

The Best Cruiser Bikes To Buy in 2021

The best cruiser bikes are durable, stylish and comfortable. The perfect bike to ride around town, carry your shopping or even get you around the beach. Cruiser bikes are not designed for speed, but they look awesome and get you from a to b a lot quicker than walking.Here is a round-up of the best […]

Cinelli Tipo Pista Featured 1

Best Single Speed Bikes (On a Budget)

Besides generally being a Personal choice riding a single speed bike, it does have a lot of benefits. Everyone that swop their multi-gear bikes for single speed bike, ordinarily have three main questions that need answering. Why exactly should I buy a single speed bike when I have bikes that have gears to make it […]

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