Cheap Bicycle Helmets

Cheap Bicycle Helmets: Here’re the Best without Breaking your Bank (or Your Skull)

When it comes to bicycle helmets, you don’t want to make a bad decision. The truth is, there are many helmets in the market that are being sold at low prices but won’t be able to withstand a nasty impact when the needs arises.

That being said, you don’t really have to venture into the hundreds of dollars range to find a nice and safe helmet. And to make your life easier, we have listed five of the best cheap bicycle helmets you can buy at the moment, depending on your cycling need. All helmets listed are below $60 – in fact, there’ re two at less than $30.

These helmets comply with safety regulations, provide great comfort, and very importantly, look cool. Who said safety can’t be cheap? Let’s get started!

Best Pick Overall: Giro Revel

cairbull cheap bicycle helmets

Great helmets not often come with a bargain price and that’s why the Giro Revel is our top choice for you to take home. It offers top notch fitting system, with a fresh 22 vent design, and an extra-hard polycarbonate shell with EPS liner. Details matter and the Giro Revel even saved a little space for night riders, thanks to its reflective rear decal.  It also has a unisex looks, and a great price between 30 to 40 bucks. This would be the most used cheap-but-good helmet of the world if it wasn’t because it lacks a little bit on the padding department for some of us. We still love it, and we’re sure that for cheap bicycle helmets, this certainly the king in 2019.

Best for Your Budget: the Schwinn Trasher.

schwinn cheapest bike helmet

Don’t get misguided for its name; this helmet can help your brain from becoming thrash! This is a very cheap helmet that’s not cheaply designed. It has a really good fitting mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about sizes too much. Also, the padding in this particular helmet is considerably good for its $20 or less price. It has a 21 vent setup, so it dissipates heat decently. Let’s face it, it doesn’t have the most appealing design, but definitely looks like the best cheap helmet you’ve ever seen!

Best Budget Aero Helmet: Cairbull Aero R-1.

cheap cairbull aero r1 helmet

This one has been featured by us in the past and no wonder why. The Cairbull Aero R-1 covers all the bases that a higher priced TT helmet would, and over performs them, too.

  • It comes with a free pair of magnetic goggles.
  • In-mold polycarbonate in the outer shell.
  • Shock-absorbing polystyrene inner design.
  • Coolmax removable padding (washable).
  • Near perfect easy-to-adjust fit system.

And last but not least, it looks freaking incredible! Who said safety can’t make you look cool? This is a game-changer if you take into account that it only costs around 50-70 dollars.

Best MTB Helmet: Cairbull MTB Helmet

cairbull mtb cheap bicycle helmets

Cairbull does it again, this time with the Cairbull MTB helmet. This is made for the Pure Enduro riders. It has the same top-notch security configuration than the Aero R-1, but with a lower price of $30. It has 22 channeled vents for improved heat dissipation. The fitting system stays in great shape, to withstand the harsh moving of fast-speeded mountain descending. It’s very appealing to the eye, and it comes with six color variants to keep your style while riding. It comes at a really good price because it doesn’t count with the aerodynamics of the Aero R-1.

Best Lightweight: TeamObsidian Airflow

cheapest lightweight helmet 2019

The last of the list; the TeamObsidian Airflow lightweight helmet is definitely a steal. This godly-designed helmet offers one of the best configurations in the market. Following the name, it covers all the bases of cooling with its 22 vents for an improved airflow during your rides. It comes with a nice, comfortable, and washable padding, with a tight fitting as well. Its gender neutral, as it even has space for ponytails in its design. Suitable for any type of rider, the only flaw the TeamObsidian Airflow helmet has is the lack of an XL size. So, sorry big-headed fellows. But if you know you can use it, you get a lifetime manufacturer warranty if you buy it!

Make a sure bet with any of these cheap bicycle helmets.

Make yourself and the ones you love safe by buying one of these cheap bicycle helmets. Because after all, all of these are under $100, but they still save lives. And life is worth much more than that!

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