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Best Cinelli Bikes (On a Budget)

Cinelli Mash

Cinelli is an Italian bicycle manufacturing company that have been building beautifully engineered bikes for over 65 years.

The company was founded in 1948 by Cino Cinelli’s older brother, Giotto Cinelli, who first started making handlebars and stems back in the late 1930s.

A few years later, after Cino Cinelli retired from pro racing, he took over the rails from his brother.

He started focusing and reengineering the cockpit of the racing bike.

His main aim was to enhance the aerodynamics of the race bike and reducing power loss by using stiffer materials.

He also went on to make the riding position more aggressive.

Cino Cinelli then moved the production north to Milan, and soon after, Cinelli became one of the biggest independent suppliers of frame build materials.

The brand, over the years, built a reputation for its innovatory component design and iconic frames. Cinelli quickly became a trusted brand for cycling enthusiasts and Olympian track cyclists.

Even though Cinelli bicycles have a price tag that is a little higher, it is money well spent, and they do have amazing bikes below 1000 euros. Below is the review of 5 budget Cinelli bicycles.

Cinelli Gazzetta: Cheapest single speed Cinelli Bike

Gazzetta Fixed Gear/Free Wheel Bike - Blue

The Gazzetta is one of Cinelli’s more affordable bikes. Even though it has a lower price tag, it’s not to say that they have compromised on the quality of these incredible machines.

The Gazzetta has a vintage design that embraces a sturdy, semi-slope geometry. It comes in 2 different configurations:

  1. Gazzetta Fixed Gear/Free Wheel Bike – Blue
  2. Gazzetta Fixed Gear/Free Wheel Bike – Black (51cm only)
  3. Gazzetta Della Strada touring bike.
  4. Gazzetta Della Strada – Forever Green
Gazzetta Fixed Gear/Free Wheel Bike - Black (51cm only)

The two high-end Gazzetta fixed gear bikes are the cheapest Cinelli bikes on the market. The big question here is, why buy a single gear bike?

Before derailleurs, racing was a fixed-gear event, and today you have a lot of single gear enthusiasts that prefer this bike mainly for its simplicity and pleasure of riding, and not having to worry about shifting gears.

The Gazzetta Gazzetta Fixed Gear/Free Wheel Bike is a throwback to the classic steel designs of the original Cinelli bikes.

Most people that prefer this bike today is daily commuters, track and criterium racers, time trials, and bike messengers.

It is low maintenance and incredibly versatile.

gazzetta della strada HIGH  31485.1537820640 1

The single gear offers a more efficient transfer of energy from the pedal to the wheel due to the shorter chain length and the absence of the derailleur pulleys.

The Gazzetta Della Strada touring bike is for the rider that likes the vintage look of the Gazzetta range but also wants a tour ready bike.

It comes equipped with dual handlebar brakes for a more upright and safe ride in the city, front and rear racks, and the frame is designed to allow the assembly of light mudguards.

This bike is ideal for the commuter that turns racer over the weekends.

Cinelli Zydeco: Great Cyclocross/light touring bike

zydeco HIGH  36740.1544736165

This bike is the perfect union of a cyclocross bike with a gravel bike. The Challenge Griffo tires can easily be swop for slick racing tires that will increase your speed and allow you to keep up with all your road racing buddies.

By purchasing the Cinelli Zydeco you, in reality, get two bikes for the price of one.

zydeco detail HIGH 4  56563.1544736163

If you don’t want to compromise on the speed and still take your bike off-road, the Cinelli Zydeco Bike is for you.

The Bikes shorter reach and high bottom bracket gives it the correct geometry for racing, but also allow you to fit mudguards and a rear rack for gravel or city riding.

Clearing obstacles with this bike is a breeze because of its high bottom bracket, and the 46/36 chainset paired with a 12-28 cassette gearing system allows for exceptional competitive riding.

zydeco detail HIGH 5  27109.1544736166

The thru axle system provides increase braking, and the sturdy Columbus Zonal aluminum frame allows for snappy and sharp handling.

Cinelli Tipo Pista: Mean track bike at just $700

Cinelli Tipo Pista

Unlike most road bikes that need lots of attention and maintenance to keep running, the Cinelli Tipo Pista is uncomplicated and robust and runs efficiently with little upkeeping.

Cinelli Tipo Pista

The headset spacers are different sizes so you can fine-tune the stem height.

It has the perfect chain tension that allows for seamless peddle to weel power transfer.

Cinelli Tipo Pista

t is an outstanding bike for the daily commuter, and ideal for the racer that is looking to improve their pedaling style and increase muscle flexibility so reduces the chance of muscle damage.

Cinelli Vigorelli Road: Great on both tracks and tours

Cinelli Vigorelli Road

The Cinelli Vigorelli Road bike is a road performance bike that has its origin from the single gear Vigorelli bike, making it suitable for riders that are looking for an unusually aggressive and fast-feeling steel road bike.

Cinelli Vigorelli Road

It is an endurance bike that handles well in a closed circuit racing track and touring.

This bike has all the benefits of the single gear Vigorelli bike but with an 11 speed / 11-42 cassette that offers you a more pleasant ride on painfull windy days and permits you to avoid tedious spinouts on downhills altogether.

Cinelli Mash: Arguably the most popular Cinelli bike right now

Cinelli Mash

In 2012, Mash, a San Francisco bike shop and Cinelli joined forces to create the Cinelli Mash Histogram bike.

This bike is quick and responsive and is mainly targeted to urban riders and messengers.

Cinelli Mash

The frame is made with high-quality Columbus tubes and is durable with high-quality parts.

The Cinelli Mash is a brakeless and cableless bike.

The absence of the brakes and cables removes excess bulk from the bike and gives a simplistic appearance to the bicycle.

The breakless riding gives you a feeling of freedom and easy maneuvering.

Cinelli Mash

Don’t let this scare you though there are ways of bringing the bike to a hold. The safest way to stop a histogram bike is by putting resistance on the turning cranks as they come up and around.

The Cinelli Mash delivers the best of both worlds to the rider, providing strength and durability mixed with style and astounding craftsmanship.

Whatever bike of Cinelli you decide to buy, you can rest assured that you will get excellent value for your money.

The company is heavily trusted by riders all over the world that pride themselves on bringing the best quality to the customer.

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