Best ebike Conversion Kits for the Money

Electric bikes have become very popular and offer an affordable way to commute, but they can be too expensive for many people. An effective alternative would be to use an electric bike conversion kit to convert a standard bike into an electric bike, often referred to as an e-bike. In this post, we’ll take a look at the five best options that you can use to experience the convenience of an electric bike without having to spend a significant amount of money.

Before we dive into the electric bike conversion kit reviews, let’s first consider a few factors that you should take into account when you decide to buy one of these kits. It is, of course, crucial to consider all of the specifications listed on the product’s page, but the following are particular features that you should consider especially important:

  • The voltage and power of the battery, as this will tell you how long you will be able to use the bike without a recharge.
  • Drive type should also be considered, as this will help you determine if your bike is an appropriate option for the particular conversion kit.
  • The top speed helps you determine how fast your new electric bike would be able to go.
  • Charge duration gives you an idea of how long it will take to recharge the battery.

1. Street Legal Electric Bike Kit – Samsung Power 2.0

street legal electric bike kit samsung power 2 0 13a

The Samsung Power 2.0 Street Legal Electric Bike Kit is a revised edition of the older 1.0 model that comes with added benefits and features, such as a more powerful motor and a battery with an improved lifespan. The thumb throttle has been improved, and this kit comes with the addition of e-brake sensors, included in the main package.

  • Battery: 36V; 2,600mAh Lithium-Ion Cell Battery
  • Drive Type: Geared hub drive
  • Special Features: USB charging and comes with a battery cradle
  • Top Speed: 20mph
  • Charge Duration: 6.5 hours
  • Price: $629.00

2. BBS HD1000 – Bafang Mid Drive B Series

bafang bbshd mid drive ebike kit

The BBS HD1000 Bafang Mid Drive B Series is a powerful electric bike conversion kit that was designed to offer heavy-duty features, while also providing a peak speed that is an improvement over most competitor kits. The kit comes with a powerful motor, combined with a long-lasting battery.

  • Battery: 48V; 2,000mAh / 2,200mAh / 2,900mAh
  • Drive Type: Crank drive
  • Special Features: USB Charging
  • Top Speed: 31mph
  • Charge Duration: Varies per battery option

3. Modwheel Complete Pro Series Bike Kit

modwheel pro complete kit

The Modwheel Complete Pro Series Bike Kit comes with a series of quality items that focuses on the driver’s experience, instead of the maximum speed. The battery lasts for a significant period of time and doesn’t take as long to charge as some alternative options.

  • Battery: 48V 11.6AH Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Drive Type: Front Wheel
  • Special Features: Includes electronic controller and controller bag
  • Top Speed: 25mph
  • Charge Duration: 5 hours

4. Bafang 8FUN BBS02

bafang 8fun bbs02

A complete kit that does not only include the essentials, such as a motor and battery, but also an LCD speedometer that allows you to have an overview of your current speed at all times. This is also one of the more affordable electric bike kits on the market.

  • Battery: 48V
  • Drive Type: Mid-Drive
  • Special Features: Comes with LCD speedometer
  • Top Speed: 28mph

5. Pinty Front Wheel

pinty front wheel

The Pinty Front Wheel electric bike conversion kit was designed to be as easy as possible to install, while still providing you with a complete electric bike experience. This kit is compatible with a large number of bikes, and there are multiple varieties to choose from for your convenience.

  • Battery: 48V
  • Drive Type: Front / Rear Wheel
  • Special Features: Choose between front and rear wheel varieties
  • Top Speed: 30mph

These are all excellent options that comes with everything you need to convert your bike into an e-bike. The kits are usually easy to install and will cost you much less than buying an actual electronic bike, yet still offer you a very similar experience. These electric bike conversion kits can be used with most standard bikes, with just a very few exceptions. Always be sure to check the compatibility of the kit you are interested and ensure the bike you wish to convert will be a suitable option.

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