3 Speed Bikes

3-Speed bikes are the perfect low maintenance commuter bike. Most come with a reliable and durable Shimano 3 speed hub. The addition of 3 gears makes them a more comfortable ride than a fixie or single speed. 

The internal hub means that the gears are not exposed to the elements, making them lower maintenance than your traditional geared bikes. 

A 3-speed bike is at home town or city roads.

3 Speed Bikes
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Boneshaker has a wide range of 3-speed bikes that you can choose from. Not only can you choose the perfect color combination to go with your style, but you also get a choice of which frame shape suits you best. 

The State Bicycle 3-speed city bike – the Azure, comes with a comfortable upright riding position and step-through frame. They are the perfect bike to get you around the city quickly while also carrying your shopping. 

If you are looking for the more traditional bike frame, check out the Fyxation Pixel 3-speed commuter bike and State Bicycle 3 speed city bikes. The unique and curved handlebars of the State Bicycle 3 speed city bike results in a very comfortable ride for shorter journeys. 

Most 3-speed internal hub bikes come in around $500. The 2 Deluxe editions (State Bicycle 3 Speed City Bike – The Elliston Deluxe 3 speed and State Bicycle 3 Speed City Bike – The Azure Deluxe) are a little more expensive as they come with added extras to make your ride even more comfortable. 

If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable bicycle to commute or run errands on, then one of these 3-speed road bikes is the bike for you.