City Bikes

City bikes are built to look stylish, be comfortable to ride and reliable on the city streets. 


A good city bike will help you commute or get around your town or city in style. Here at Boneshaker, we have a wide range of high-quality and affordable city bikes for sale. 


Choose between geared/single speed, step-through/traditional frames and a wide range of color choices to match your style.

City Bikes
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    Detroit Bikes U.S. Chromoly A-Type Commuter Bike

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    Lochside 5 Speed Step-Through City Bike – Black

    $539.00 Select options
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Showing 97–98 of 98 results

At Boneshaker, we have several affordable city bikes for sale. A city bike is the perfect crossover bike. It gives you some of the speed of a road bike, with a hybrid commuter bike’s comfort and reliability. 

City bicycles usually have a more upright seating position, making short rides more comfortable on your lower back and improving your visibility. The best city bikes come with fenders, chainstays, and racks to give you a complete city transport solution. 

Most city bikes will come with some form of gearing to help get you up your local hills. Although not suitable for mountains, they give you plenty of versatility to get around your local area in style. 

If you are looking for a city bike for less than $500, you have plenty of stylish and reliable city bikes to choose from on Boneshaker.


We even have affordable e-bikes for sale that make for an excellent city bike, such as the Detroit Bikes E-Sparrow, which will help make your commute that little bit easier. With brands such as Detroit that sell US made frames with a lifetime warranty and chuck in a complimentary bike pump with every purchase, you can get everything you need to explore your city with one of our city bikes.