Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes were created to look cool. And we have the coolest of them all!

Their classic low ride design, long frame and wide curved handlebars make them incredibly comfortable. They are perfect for shorter journeys and look at home on the beach or in the city.

Beach cruiser bikes have fat tires giving you full control even on sand. At Boneshaker, we have a wide range of classic cruiser bikes in several different color combinations.

Cruiser Bikes
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Classic cruiser bikes’ unique design and retro simplicity have helped to make them increasingly popular recently. The best cruiser bikes on offer at Boneshaker come in a wide range of colors and the choice of single-speed or gears. 

Beach cruiser bikes are built for comfort and not speed. One of these bikes will not help you win a race, but where is the fun in speed alone. These cruiser bikes give you style and comfort while getting around the beach or your local area. Due to their heavy frame and cumbersome design, they are not great for climbing mountains, but why would you want to cycle up a hill if you can chill by the beach all day. 

At Boneshaker, we offer men’s and women’s cruiser bikes. The ZF range leaves you plenty to choose from with their unique and stylish color combinations. Starting at just $260, you will be able to find the perfect beach cruiser for you at Boneshaker. 

You do not always have to be in a rush, but you can arrive on time and in style with a cruiser bike.