Cyclocross Bikes

A cyclocross bike is a drop-bar bicycle that is built for speed over muddy fields and tracks. 

Unlike a road bike, a cyclocross bike will have knobby tires and plenty of mud clearance on the frame and fork. 

At Boneshaker, we have some of the best cyclocross bikes for sale. They will give you the confidence you need when riding off-road and the speed required to beat the competition.

Cyclocross Bikes
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Cyclocross bikes are designed for the discipline of cyclocross racing. An off-road race that takes cyclists over a number of different terrains to see who is fastest to the line. Sometimes you have no choice, but to carry the bike up a steep incline, so cyclocross bikes are usually very light compared to other off-road bikes.


Cyclocross bikes benefit from technologies used on both mountain and road bikes. This combination makes them reliable and quick over a wide range of terrains. Many cyclocross bikes will come with mounts and fixtures to fit mudguards and racks to the bike. 


Although they look similar, cyclocross bikes should not be confused with gravel bikes. Gravel bikes generally have a more relaxed riding position (more upright) and will use thicker tires. Similar to road bikes, cyclocross bikes prioritize speed over comfort. 


The Bombtrack Tension 1 – Rock Grey (650B / 700C) is the perfect introduction to cyclocross. It comes with a lightweight frame and competition legal build. Although cross bikes can seem expensive, they come with high-quality components and the latest in cycling technology. 


Cyclocross bikes are becoming a popular choice for bike commuters that need a reliable and fast bike to tackle several terrains.