Fixie Bikes

Fixie bikes, short for ‘fixed gear bikes’, have become incredibly popular over the last few years. Fixie bikes have just one gear, and the gear is ‘fixed’ to the rear wheel. You must continue pedaling to keep the bike moving.

Boneshaker features the best fixie bike brands, including State Bicycle Co, Fyxation, Golden Cycles, Throne Cycles, Cinelli, and more.

Fixie Bikes
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Boneshaker boasts one of the widest selections of fixie bikes for sale, and features some of the best fixie brands in the USA. Even for a budget of around $300, you could be looking at bikes from State Bicycle Company (State Core Line at $299), Fyxation (Fyxation Pixel at $325), Golden Cycles (Golden Cycles Fixie at $259). All of these bikes come in multiple colors offer sizes ranging from 46 cm to 59 cm.

If your budget is higher at around $500, you could choose from the State Bicycle 4130 Core Line, Throne Phantom, and Fyxation Eastside Single Speeds.

Around $700, we have the Throne Tracklords and the State Bicycle Undefeated, both classified as ‘track bikes’, are made from 6061 Grade Aluminium frames, and feature carbon forks.

Above $700, we have the Cinelli Tutto Plus and the Cinelli Tipo Pista, and sometimes bikes from other brands as well.

Boneshaker Fixie Bike Brands:
State Bicycle Company, Fyxation, Golden Cycles, Throne Cycles, Bombtrack Bikes.