Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are drop-bar bikes that allow you to ride on a broader range of terrain and stay in full control of your bike. 

Here at Boneshaker, we have a wide choice of the best gravel bikes for all your mixed-terrain adventures. 

Gravel bikes are nimble and speedy enough to hold their own on the road and thanks to their versatility, they are great all-rounder bikes.

Gravel Bikes
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Showing 1–12 of 35 results

Gravel bikes are versatile, comfortable, and nimble. They offer the everyday rider the opportunity to mix up their usual rides. The road bike like design combined with wider tires, stable handling and lower gearing means that you can head off the beaten track and stay in control. 

This relatively new breed of bike sits somewhere between road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes. Gravel bikes generally have a lower bottom bracket than cyclocross bikes, which enhances stability over rocky and rough terrain.

Do not let the dropped bars and road bike look fool you. Gravel bikes are designed for mountain trails and technical forest trails. 

The gravel bikes for sale on Boneshaker give you the confidence to ride over any terrain. With prices ranging from $800 to $3,500, a gravel bike is no small investment. However, thanks to their versatility and high-quality components and build, you can replace all your current bikes with a gravel bike.

No longer do you need a separate bike for the road, off-road and commute. You can simply choose one of these gravel bikes that will see you safely through your multi-terrain adventures.

Gravel Bikes for Sale:
Multiple models from Cinelli, including the 2021 Zydeco King GRX, 2021 Zydeco GRX Chasing the Rainbow, 2021 Zydeco Lala Sora and the 2021 Hobootleg Geo.

Gravel and All-Road bikes from Bombtrack, including the Bombtrack Arise, Hook, Hook EXT and Audax.

All-roads from State Bicycle and Fyxation. The State 4130 All-Road Sonoran Tan at $799 is our best-selling gravel/all-road bike and comes with an option of 650b/700c wheels.

Best Gravel Bikes:
At $799, the State Bicycle All-Road (Steel) is an exceptional value for money. As mentioned earlier, they come with 650/b700c wheel options, and you can even choose to buy both. We think it is easily the best gravel bike one could buy for under $1000.

If your budget is a bit higher, look into the gravel offerings from Cinelli and Bombtrack.

The Cinelli Zydeco line has established itself as one of the most competent and versatile gravel bike lines, and this year, they have got a total of 3 models you could choose from – the 2021 Zydeco King GRX, the 2021 Zydeco GRX Chasing the Rainbow, and the much more affordable 2021 Zydeco Lala Sora.

Bombtrack, on the other hand, is a relatively younger company that has established itself as a specialist in the gravel/all-road niche. The Bombtrack Hook Series, especially the Hook EXT, is exceptionally rated by most riders and review sites. If you are looking for a single speed gravel bike, consider the Bombtrack Arise.

Single Speed Gravel Bike:
Single speed gravel bikes are becoming more popular. If you are looking for one, we have the Bombtrack Arise, available in 2 colors: Glossy Coffee Black and Glossy Metallic Pearl Blue.