Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed for off-road cycling.

Mountain bikes are rugged machines with flat handlebars and wide, knobby tires for riding on dirt trails. Styles include hardtail, full-suspension cross country, full-suspension trail, and full-suspension enduro.

The large knobby tires help to maintain grip and traction no matter the terrain. The addition of suspension adds to your comfort and control on technical trails.

Mountain Bikes
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Mountain bikes are designed to help dampen the lumps and bumps on a wide variety of surfaces. They offer a more upright seating position than road bikes, as control and comfort are more important than speed and aerodynamics.


Mountain bikes come with a much smaller front chainring that helps you climb the mountains with ease. With an extra-large rear cassette, so that you can still build up some serious speed on the way back downhill.


Here at Boneshaker, we have several reliable bikes that will get you and down mountains safely. The Bombtrack Cale AL 29″ is a top of the range mountain bike, currently at a very competitive price of $2,400. The technology that has gone into building this high-quality mountain bike makes it comfortable and nimble no matter what terrain you take it over. 


The more technical the trails you plan to tackle, the more rear suspension you need. Here at Boneshaker, we have a range of mountain bikes to help you conquer all terrains.