Track Bikes

Track bikes are all about speed! They need to be light, strong, aerodynamic, and be able to hold up integrity and performance at great speeds. Although primarily intended for racing at velodromes or on outdoor tracks on a fixed gear setting, many track bikes nowadays come with flip flop hub that allows riders the option to switch to freewheel for city riding or commute.


Boneshaker sells affordable, high-quality tracks bikes from Cinelli, Bombtrack, State Bicycle Co., Throne Cycles and a few other brands.

Track Bikes
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Here at Boneshaker, we sell track bikes that are affordable, yet offer superior performance respective to their individual price groups.

If you are looking for a track bike under $1000, your options include bikes with frames made from either 6061 Grade Aluminium or 4130 Grade Steel. Above $600, you can expect forks to be made of carbon fibre. They usually come with flip flop hubs, and you can buy a ‘freewheel’ to ride freewheel style.

Our most popular track bikes under $1000 are Cinelli Tipo Pista, Throne Tracklord and State Bicycle Undefeated.

Above $1000, we currently have the Cinelli Vigorelli Track and State Bicycle Undefeated SRAM Apex.