Best Single Speed Bikes (On a Budget)

Best Single Speed Road Bikes on a Budget

Image by Daniela Jakob from Pixabay

Besides generally being a Personal choice riding a single speed bike, it does have a lot of benefits. Everyone that swop their multi-gear bikes for single speed bike, ordinarily have three main questions that need answering.

Why exactly should I buy a single speed bike when I have bikes that have gears to make it easy for me to climb and descend?

Well, the benefits to a single speed bike are endless, and once you get used to one, it is difficult to go back to your geared bike.

The most significant difference is the amount of effort that you have to put into peddling a single speed.

It is by far a more rewarding ride and the best preparation for races.

It helps you to build strength and endurance, and it allows you to focus more on your riding and not as much on shifting gears.

Another big plus is the weight. The lack of gears makes the single speed bike much lighter.

If it is that fantastic to own and ride a single speed bike, why not just get a fixed gear bike.

First, we have to clear up the confusion on the internet between fixed gear and single speed bikes.

A fixed gear bike falls into the category of single speed bikes.

A single speed bike that allows you to coast is called a freewheel bike.

And single speed bike where you continually have to paddle due to a direct drive that connects the paddles directly to the drivetrain is called a fixed gear bike, or fixie.

What is the difference between these two single speed bikes then?

The difference between a fixie bike and a freewheel bike is that you can coast on a freewheel bike, which makes descending easier than a fixed-gear bike.

Whereas on a fixie you always have to keep on peddling, or you have to remove your feet off the peddles.

Coasting allows you to concentrate on cornering, checking your speed and avoiding obstacles in the road, it also allows you to squeeze into tight spaces without the fear of peddle-strike on obstacles.

Freewheel bikes allow you to set the crank at the optimal position for accelerating quickly and efficiently from a stopped position, without losing time on lifting the back wheel for resetting the crank.

Being able to dismount and mount at any crank position has advantages as well, especially on cycle cross track. Whereas with fixed speeds, it is impossible.

As you can see, the freewheel bike sort of meets you somewhere in the middle. It takes all the benefits of fixed gear bikes, and multiple geared bike and squeezes it into one impressive ride.

Some people prefer fixies purely out of personal preference. They say that you connect better to your bike, allowing for a more fun ride. Controlling the wheels with your legs enables you also to do more elaborate tricks.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to choose between the fixed gear and freewheel.

All the budget bikes mention below comes with a flipflop hub.

Therefore, you can alternate between freewheel and fixed gear by removing the rear wheel, flipping it, and putting it back on again.

Below are some of the best Single Speed Road Bikes if you are on a budget.

ZF Bikes Prime Track: Great Single Speed Bike at Less than $400

If you are looking to get into single speed riding, but your not quite sure it’s for you, or even if you want to gradually custom build your bike, the Prime Alloy Track Bike is a great blank canvas.

The sturdy aluminum 6061 frames and aluminum fork is the perfect platform to create the bike of your dreams.

It ships with a 46-tooth track crankset and a sealed bearing wheel-set, and for less than 400 dollars, it is unmistakably a good starting point, and excellent value for money.

The ZF Bikes Prime Series offers a remarkable and efficient transfer of energy from the pedal to the wheel, and if it is speed and simplicity that you are looking for, this bike is for you.

black green1

Throne Track lord 2019: Possibly the Best Single Speed Track Bike at the $500 Range

Throne Track Lord 2019

This beautifully engineered machine is not just aesthetically pleasing but is also great value for money.

The Throne Track lord boasts over TRKLRD Alloy 6061 frame and a tapered full carbon fork that is aerodynamic and has an aggressive look to it.

You can effortlessly take it from the track to the street and the flip flop Novatec A186SBT Track Hubs offers you the best of both worlds.

By switching the Throne Track lord to a fixie, your urban commute becomes more effortless and safer due to leg control over the bike, rather than continually having to feather the brake to keep you safe.

Cinelli Tipo Pista: Race-ready Cinelli Single Speed at $700 and Up

Cinelli Tipo Pista Featured 1

The Cinelli Tipo Pista is another exceptional single speed bike for both urban commute and racing.

Cinelli has for many years been a trusted brand in the biking world, and the Cinelli Tipo Pista is doing their name justice.

The smart track geometry makes it a great racing bike, and the round classic alloy tubing provides for a beautifully crafted vintage look.

Cinelli Tipo Pista flip flop hub

The carbon fiber fork and alloy frame give it the durability for high-stress riding.

If you are looking for a more classic, vintage single speed bike, back by a trusted and sort after brand, the Cinelli Tipo Pista is your bike.

Cinelli Tipo Pista

State Bicycle Black Label: Available at $650

State Bicycle 6061 black label v2

The State Bicycle 6061 black label v2 is very nimble when sprinting but at the same time not overly harsh.

The geometry of the black label v2 is more of a laps geometry than standard track geometry, which makes it very comfortable for street riding.

An ultra-light 6061 aluminum frame and Essor USA carbon fork make the bike fast and durable.

State Bicycle 6061 black label v2

The look of this bike is spot on and for the price you get a well-crafted bike.

The bike is excellent for riders looking at buying a mid-range, aluminum, single gear bike and don’t want to spend an arm or a leg.

The quality of the bike is reliable, and it looks and drives like a high-end bike.

State Bicycle 6061 black label v2

Whatever bike you decide to go with, one thing is for sure.

You will have the time of your life with these single speed bikes.

  1. They are more efficient.
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Light-weight
  4. They are great for learning new skills and improving your fitness level
  5. And above all, they are fun to drive.

Please let us know your ideas on single speed bikes and whether you like them or not in the comment section below.

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