State Bicycle Launches New 26″ BMX Cruiser in Partnership with Legendary Jeff Staple

After the last Goon XL drop, we have another exclusive release for Boneshaker members!

Be the first to get the all-new State Bicycle X Staple Pigeon 26″ BMX, made in collaboration with the legendary Jeff Staple 🐦.

The bike features a 4130 Chromoly Steel frame with 26” wheels, adorned with a “razzle-dazzle” camo plus Staple’s signature pink color. Staying true to State Bicycle Co.’s fixed-gear roots, the bike has a flip-flop hub, so riders who want to experience fixed-gear riding can easily switch between fixed/freewheel (traditional coasting) gearing.

Bike is in stock and ready to ship. Get it here: State Bicycle X Staple Pigeon 26″ BMX.

State Bicycle 26
State Bicycle 26
State Bicycle 26
State Bicycle 26
State Bicycle 26
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