Top BMX Bikes by Wheel Size

If you are on the lookout for a new BMX bike, it is crucial that you keep the wheel size and type in mind.

BMX bikes for adults come in multiple wheel sizes, ranging from typically, 20-inches to 29-inches.

The most popular wheel size used on the BMX bikes is the 20-inch wheels. The reason for this being:

  1. Being smaller, they become stronger to withstand the impact of jumps and hard landings.
  2. It reduces rotational inertia, which allows the bike to acceleration quickly out of starting point.

All three BMX disciplines, Freestyle, BMX racing, and Jump Bikes, usually uses 20-inch wheels and the likelihood of you finding a reliable BMX’s in this wheel range is much better.

To help you decide on the best bike for you, according to the wheel size, we have listed below some of the top BMX bikes below, ranging from 20-inch to 29-inch wheels.

20-Inch and Under bmx bikes

Elite BMX Destro

Elite BMX Bike Destro Raw Steel
The Elite BMX Destro – Raw Steel

The first thought that comes to mind is excellent quality for the price range. The Elite BMX Destro rides like a high-end BMX.

It is has a sturdy feel to it, and the 3-piece crank setup keeps your body centered while pedaling.

The crank is also somewhat shorter, at 170mm, that allows for the wheelbase to be slightly bigger, which gives more leverage for stunts like bunny hopping.

Even though the frame is Hi-tensile steel, the fork is Cr-Mo, which allows for a generous amount of abuse.

The bike is lightweight, which is excellent for speed and jumping curbs and in general is an allover smooth ride.

The Tektro Alloy U-brake enables you to stop quickly and change direction with ease.

All and all, the Elite BMX Destro is complete, fully outfitted, mid-level BMX bike and aesthetically very pleasing.

Elite BMX Stealth

Elite BMX Stealth Red
Elite BMX Stealth – Red

The Elite BMX Stealth bike is a sturdy, mid-entry BMX bike that performs well on the street, dirt, and in the park.

The 36 spoke, pavement-ready tires and 20-inch wheels make this bike ideal for freestyling.

The bike comes with a pair of pegs, ready for you to start practicing bunny hops and grinding tricks.

The price is super affordable for an entry bike, and in one of the comments left by users of the Elite BMX Stealth bike, they described it as an exceptional BMX bike for beginners.

The 2 part hi-tensile steel handlebar, minimizes possible stress points, making it more rugged and durable for missed landings and throwing the bike during mid-air tricks.

You can choose from six different colors and parents that have bought the Elite BMX Stealth bike for their kids, commented that they get a lot of good comments from their friends at the park over the great appearance of the bike.

24-Inch BMX Bikes

Haro Annex 24 Bike 2019

Haro Annex 24
Haro Annex 24 Black

The Haro Annex 24″ Bike is a great entry-level racing BMX bike.

It features a 6061 Aluminum frame and a 1-1/8 Chromoly fork that makes the bike super lightweight.

The Haro Annex 24 Bike has a comfortable geometry and allows for extra room for cyclists that want a short rear end.

The wheel size is better for racing and is way more stable and forgiving than the BMX bikes with a 20-inch wheel.

The alloy bars are securely attached to the Haro alloy front load stem that connects the alloy bars to the Chromoly forks for full control at any speed.

This cruiser uses lightweight material that will help you to increase your speed and is considered a great entry level racing BMX.

It has everything you need to get you started in BMX racing.

26-Inch BMX Bikes

Cult Devotion 26 BMX

Cult Devotion 26 BMX Black
Cult Devotion 26 BMX Black

If you are thinking of taking your BMX racing to the next level, look no further.

The Cult Devotion 26 BMX is an exceptional bike for riders that still want to do some tricks but also prefer a comfortable cruising position.

The older generation will appreciate this cruiser on account of its durability due to the broad range of aftermarket quality parts, and being a bigger bike, you would not look like a circus bear on a 20-inch BMX bike.

The Cult Devotion 26 BMX brags over the following specs:
100% Chromoly tubing on the looptail frame, bars & forks.
It has a sealed 10t cassette rear hub, Sealed front hub, and a sealed headset.
3pc, 175mm Chromoly cranks with sealed mid-BB.
It has a 990 U-Brake system that is removable, and a larger, 26-inch wheel size that allows for a more comfortable ride without sacrificing too much of that BMX feel.

Haro Downtown 26 BMX

Haro Downtown 26 BMX
Haro Downtown 26 BMX

Haro describes the Downtown 26 BMX as a bike for the taller rider or the dad that still wants to cruise with his family.

The Hi-ten 26″ freestyle frame with an integrated head tube and Haro padded fully adjustable seat, allows for a comfortable cruising position.

The fully sealed internal headset and Mid-BB permit you to perform all the tricks you are used to on the 20-inch BMX without compromising your comfort.

The Haro Downtown 26 BMX retails for under four hundred Euros and is a great beginner BMX or a quality upgrade for intermediate riders.

Even though this BMX is more for freestyle riding, it is comfortable enough for day to day commuting.

The Haro Downtown has some beautiful finishes and is appealing and eye-catching.

29-Inch BMX Bikes

Throne The Goon

Throne The Goon
Throne The Goon

Whether you are thinking of just cruising down the streets on Sundays with the family or considering some serious stunt action, this bike is by far the best an all in one out there.

The bike is set up for multiple environments.

The large wheels make you faster and more efficient and also allows for a better grip on the road and clearing obstacles, like going upstairs, much smoother.

What makes the Throne The Goon BMX Bike so unique is that you can set it up to your liking. The cog and rear brake can be set up in multiple ways, so you can run it brakeless, freewheel, dirt, wheelie shredder, and more.

It has a 1 1/8″ Cr-Mo Fork that allows for some abuse.

It is a sexy bike and has some fun features like the valve cap that is a dice.

It is an excellent bike for someone that wants to combine the world of racing BMX with stunts.

SE Big Ripper 29 BMX

SE Big Ripper 29 BMX
SE Big Ripper 29 BMX

So you are enjoying your new freedom with the 29-inch BMX bikes, and you want to take your game to the next level.

The SE Big Ripper 29 BMX is a sound upgrade for who enjoys the 29er BMX bikes.

It comes with Cr-Mo Landing Gear forks and Cr-Mo cranks that makes it durable and can handle a fair amount of punishment.

The Vee Speedster, skin wall tires, makes it great for city grinding and clearing obstacles.

The bike super light frame makes it great for wheelies, and you can pull it up into the air without too much effort.

SE was one of the first companies to launch the 29-inch wheel on the BMX bike.

Since then, they have been perfecting this extraordinary bike.

If you are looking to spend a little more money and invest in a good BMX street cruiser, the SE Big Ripper is a safe choice.

SE Fast Ripper 29 BMX

SE Fast Ripper

If it is ‘speed’ you are after, then look no further.

The Shimano Deore CS-HG500, 10-speed gears and SRAM GX 1×10, Short Cage Rear Derailleur on the SE Fast Ripper, enables you to improve your speed performance, yet still allows for tricks like combos and impressive wheelies.

The trigger shifter on the SE Fast Ripper also makes for shifting gears fast and smoothly.

A great feature on this bike is that the gear and brake cables are embedded, so you don’t have to worry about them rubbing up onto your frame and damaging the paint.

The disc brakes also allow fast and smooth breaking. The SE Fast Ripper weighs in at an impressive 13.38kgs, which makes it super light and increase the performance of this incredible BMX even more.

It comes in an eye-catching color of red and gold with a lightning bolt engraved onto the stem and SE Lightning Flyer seat in black and yellow with bottle opener.

Believe it or not, the importance of the wheel size is not that great when it comes to choosing a BMX.

The reason for this being that the distance from the bottom bracket, where the crank’s and paddles attached, to the handlebars, is about the same size.

Even if you have to tweak it a little bit, you can easily change the stem or handlebar.

The 20-inch wheel generally works better for side hop maneuvers, and because of the lighter wheels, it carries momentum better.

The 24-inch is an excellent choice for people that want to experience both disciplines, racing, and freestyling, without buying two entirely different BMX bikes.

Make sure that you also look at rim size when choosing your BMX. A broader rim will enable you to operate your BMX at lower tire pressure and can be useful for ordinary riding.

A narrow rim size will usually be lighter and more suitable for speed and tricks. Whatever wheel size you decided to go with, remember this quote:

Every PRO was once an Amateur. Every Expert was once a Beginner. So Dream big. Train hard and Start now.


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